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Fixed income

What is fixed income?

Fixed income is a type of investment security that pays a return to investors on a fixed schedule. At maturity, investors are repaid the principal amount they invested. Government and corporate bonds are the most common types of fixed income products, but the asset class also includes fixed income exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds.

Reasons to consider fixed income funds

When you buy a fixed income mutual fund or ETF, you are indirectly buying the debt that a company, government or government agency has issued.

Fixed income funds can play an important role in your investment strategy by helping to potentially deliver income, offset some stock market risk in your portfolio and manage volatility. The fixed income category includes fixed income securities and funds, ETFs and GICs.

Invest with an experienced fixed income manager

primeworld finance offers a comprehensive lineup of products designed to meet investor needs for diversification* and income. Our investment capabilities extend globally, connecting hundreds of fixed income professionals with hundreds of equity professionals analyzing the same companies. primeworld finance fixed income and equity research analysts work together to develop a 360-degree view by hearing a company’s pitch to both bond holders and shareholders – not just one or the other – and exchanging their insights. Our product development and asset allocation teams are constantly reacting to changing market and credit conditions to offer investment solutions for today and the future.


Fixed income funds can play an important role in your investment strategy by helping to potentially deliver income, offset some stock market risk in your portfolio and manage volatility. The fixed income category includes fixed income securities and funds, ETFs and GICs.

our loan

Our loan documentation, conditions & requirements.


Investment in people is the most profitable investment.


primeworldfinance utilises a customer friendly loan service system. Our Loan services give our customers, who may want a king-sized plan, but have temporary financial limits, the opportunity to get it. Our Loan Services are available to all our customers, both new and old. The process of obtaining loans is very straightforward and this makes our loans readily available and easily accessible. However, to qualify for our loans, certain conditions must be met.

Our loans are only available for the purchase of certain and at certain prices. This would enable our customers who may temporarily be short of funds and would want to buy a king-sized plan able to achieve this feat. Customers are encouraged to complete their payments before the end of the investment time lap as the withdrawal feature will be inaccessible to them.

There are limits to how much or how little loan customers can take. Customers who are qualified can only obtain a loan of up to 50% on their desired plan. This is mainly to bring redundancy in our loaning system to a bare minimum.

Customers who are willing to apply for loans must make sure that their main account balance is able to complement the loan amount in order to tally with the price of the desired plan. In other words, if a customer, Brent, wants a 30% loan on a $5,000 plan, he should have AT LEAST $3,500 in his main account balance in order to complement the $1,500 loan amount.

Our loan services include surprise free loan offers. Customers are given free loan offers once in a while. It is one of the ways we show gratitude. To be eligible for this offer, you must be a regular customer who has been active for at least 18months. This offer only appears during the process of loan application. If you have never gotten the offer and you feel eligible, feel free to contact our customer care for better understanding. Please note that this feature is a very flexible one and we are in absolute control of who has access to it.

Your loan request always gets approved once you are eligible for it.


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Pension Schemes

Primeworld Finance Pension Scheme

A pension fund is a fund that accumulates capital to be paid out as a pension for employees when they retire at the end of their careers.

Pension funds typically aggregate large sums of money to be invested into the  stock markets, such as stock and bond markets, to generate profit (returns).

Primeworld finance  pension fund represents an institutional investor and invests large pools of money into private and public companies. Pension funds are typically managed by companies (employers). The main goal of a pension fund is to ensure there will be enough money to cover the pensions of employees after their retirement in the future.

How Primeworld Finance Invest in Pension Scheme

The main investment style of a pension fund is diversification and prudence. Pension funds aim for portfolio diversification, allocating capital to different investment instruments (stocks, bonds, derivatives,  etc.).However, for many years, pension funds were limited to investments primarily in government-backed securities, such as bonds with a high credit rating (investment-grade bonds) and blue-chipstocks. Since markets evolve and given a constant need for a relatively high rate of return, pension funds have been allowed to invest in the majority of asset classes.

Nowadays, many pension funds have transferred from active stock portfolio management to passive investment instruments, investing in index funds and in exchange-traded funds that track stock indexes. Emerging trends are to allocate capital to alternative investments, specifically to commodities, high-yield bonds, hedge funds, and real estate.

Portfolios of asset-backed securities, e.g., student loans or credit card debt, are new tools used by pension funds to increase the overall rate of return. primeworld finance are becoming more and more popular among pension funds. They are simply long-term investments into privately-held companies. The goal of primeworld finance is to cash out (sell a business) when the business matures for significant gains.


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